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Affordable Repair Cost For Durham Residents

Gone are the days when the quality of HVAC repair was determined by its cost, and the affordable price was suspect. With Durham HVAC Service Company on the market, city residents and surrounding areas are in luck because now everyone can fix their broken HVAC system for inexpensive money.

It does not happen, you say! We answer - our company is at your service. With decades of experience and partnerships with top suppliers, we have the best deal for HVAC repair in Durham, NC.

All Repairs are Insured and Have Extended Warranty

  • 100 Days For The Parts
  • 100 Days For The Labor

How Complex Repairs We Can Perform

Generally, if your HVAC system stops working, it doesn't mean you have a big problem. Our technician will fix it in no more than 15 minutes because he is qualified and has the original parts.

However, there are serious breakdowns, but it also should not worry you because a master will quickly find a leak, change the compressor, or replace other HVAC parts.

HVAC Repair Offer

  • Free Inspection
  • $79 Service Call Fee
  • $129 Full Tune-Up of Your HVAC
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Heating Installation

When it gets cold, we work for you to heat your home. We have the fastest central heating system installation

Heating Installation Service in Durham, NC

Air Conditioning Repair

The moment your cooling system breaks down, you are experiencing not the best moments in your life, but the fastest repair of your A/C we will provide

A/C Repair Service in Durham, NC

A/C Replacement

Take your time changing your cooling system. First, request a quote for air conditioning installation from our company

Air Conditioning Installation in Durham, NC

Furnace Repair

If your furnace stops working at night, don't panic; write down our phone numbers and call us at dawn. We'll have your furnace repaired by noon

Furnace Repair in Durham, NC


Any homeowner in Durham understands that heating and cooling services are about more than just repairing or installing equipment.

It is essential to do HVAC maintenance promptly, saving you money on repairs or replacements in the future.


  • Heat Pump Replacement
  • Central Gas System Installation
  • Air Duct Design
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License NC #765074

Why Do We Have To Be Installers?

  • 20 years HVAC Installation Experience


    In more than twenty years of activity in HVAC, our company has built up a unique installation experience that guarantees your satisfaction

  • Unsurpassed Installation Quality


    After installation, you should not worry about problems because work was carried out qualitatively and, most importantly, correc

  • Wide Range of Equipment


    There are many brands, models, and technologies on the market in North Carolina, but our company will offer you any HVAC system you need

  • Available Funding Programs


    Of course, replacing HVAC is expensive, so we have developed several different financing plans with low rates or interest-free installment

HVAC Maintenance

HVAC is necessary all year long. The constant use will eventually cause your air conditioning system to fail. To avoid this, you should have your HVAC regularly maintained and the problem identified before it happens. It would help if you trusted professionals to keep your HVAC unit. This will save you money, as even the most straightforward repair can be costly.

Maintenance How Often

Usually, a professional should check the HVAC system once a year. So, if you have a standard central air conditioner or furnace, each unit should be serviced yearly. If you have a heat pump system that you use year-round, it may be worth scheduling service every five months. Of course, we don't specify an exact time of service. You can leave your HVAC system unattended, and everything will work fine, but as they say, "Better late than never." Sooner or later, without proper irradiation, your HVAC will break down. Double the life of your system with years of HVAC maintenance.

HVAC Maintenance in Durham, NC

Air Duct Cleaning

The need for air duct cleaning depends on many factors in your Durham home, including pets, type of carpets and rugs, type of upholstery, smoking, recent renovations, and regional factors. We recommend serving your air ducts and ventilation systems about once every 60 months. It is customary in our company to estimate the cost of duct cleaning by the number of your registers. The price includes air duct sanitizing, grill cleaning, and deodorizing.


The most crucial problem is duct leak creates a highly vulnerable spot in your home or commercial HVAC system. If the air pressure in your ducts is different, call our ductwork repair technician.

Air Duct Installation

The process of installing ductwork is considered meticulous and complex. Our technician will help you determine the ideal location for your exhaust vents, air conditioner, and furnace. In addition, you will have to decide what type of ductwork you will use. Most homeowners choose flexible ductwork, which is easy to install and practical.

HVAC air purifier & humidifier

Take care of your family's health by installing air cleaning and ultraviolet filtration in your HVAC system and humidity control in your home.

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Customer reviews on Our HVAC Services

  • Durham HVAC Customer

    Bob Singler

    When it was 100 degrees on the ear and both my air conditioners failed within two hours, I was already collecting a few things to spend the night in a hotel, when this guy arrived and fixed everything. Don't remember to leave him a tip!

  • Chapell Hill HVAC Customer

    Bruce Ming

    This technician is the best, because he is the third one who came to look at my air conditioner. And only he could fix it. Other companies wanted replace the whole system for me

  • Apex HVAC Customer

    Augusta Savage

    A representative of the company arrived on time and took a service fee after the inspection, but he came the same day and fixed my cooling. Yes, he deducted the fee from the invoice.

  • Cary HVAC Customer

    Alfre Washington

    Everything works and I like it. Great company with a fast response time and in general I use their services many times. I recommend it